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I have always been questioning since I learned about the lean startup ways of doing Customer Discovery by focusing on the problems of a customer first, and shaping your product from that in a few iterations.

At first I thought there was only one way to go: you interview customers by asking them what problems they have and hope they will answer with the problems you see and come up with the solution you had in might. Luckily, I discovered that this was actually not the case. Also, this felt watterfally and totally not lean for me as hell.

Then, I became aware of some blog posts that called it a "discovery" of problems and solution, which fit to my feelings about doing a new business a lot better. Really quickly iterate on problems and solution, and make sure you learn.

But, what do you put on a landing page? Do you point people into the direction of problems by simply asking the question "Do you experience these x problems we've visualized here?"

Or, do you show them possible benefits that are related to the problems? And by benefits I do NOT mean features of the solution.

The past few days I've been testing the landing page that is currently up on and I've discovered that showing problems without any more incentive to continue doesn't really work.

At least, I assume it doesn't because I've heard quite a number of people stating the exact same problems and the click-trough conversion rate to the solution is not that high.

Also, I don't look at problems on a landing page often. I always think: sure, those are problems, anyone could have thought about those but how are you going to fix my problems? How easy is it? What do I need to to for it?

I think I'm going to ask these questions more now I have some experience with landing pages.

For the current Kioskfolio landing page I am going to do an A/B test turning the current two problems I have into benefits, closely related as the features.

So for the You are one of 1000s designers in a marketplace I am going to make a variation that will be more like Sell themes from your own website so you can build your personal brand.

For the It's so hard to get people to your themes and even harder to get ads straight I'm going to turn that into the benefit Enabling your buyer to spread your themes virally so will get more people to your themes.

I think a lot of times people don't know there problems, especially if you're creating a product that is different in an approach than other products out there.

They might solve the same problems, but people don't know of a better alternative when they don't really feel the problem as a problem, until they try out something better and get a lot more value from it than their older solution.